Transform Your Garden into a Year-Round Sanctuary with Johnsons Garden Buildings

Emma, a long-time enthusiast of social gatherings and outdoor living, found herself at a crossroads when the pandemic curtailed her hosting abilities. The situation worsened when a river, meandering at the edge of her property, damaged her beloved deck area. Determined to reclaim her outdoor space, Emma embarked on a journey that led her to Johnsons Garden Buildings in Farnham.

Discovering the Perfect Garden Room

Upon visiting our display village, Emma was captivated by the allure of our garden rooms. She envisioned a space that would not only enhance her connection with nature but also extend her living area into the night—something her previous setup lacked.

A Non-Digital Paradise

Emma’s choice, the 4m x 4m Vancouver model, is a testament to the seamless blend of comfort and nature. “The garden room is a non-digital paradise,” she says, boasting a fridge, music system, cosy sofa, and soft blankets. The thoughtful design includes an overhang that provides shelter from rain and falling debris, making it the perfect outdoor retreat.

Elevated to Perfection

Strategically positioned above the flood line, the garden room offers uninterrupted views of the river, allowing Emma and her guests to enjoy the scenery all year round. “It’s like being on holiday,” Emma remarks, as she recounts sightings of deer, water birds, and pheasants from the comfort of her new haven.

A Personal Touch

Emma personalised her Vancouver model with roof and floor insulation, a charming green paint complemented by charcoal grey shingles, and, of course, a wine and beer fridge. Her experience at our display village assured her of the quality and craftsmanship of our timber structures.

Join the Johnsons Experience

Embrace the outdoors like Emma and transform your garden into a holiday escape. Visit one of our 19 display villages across the United Kingdom and start your own Johnsons story.