Lucie’s Garden Retreat In The Vancouver Special Garden Building

Our valued customer, Lucie, a retired teacher, sought a serene space to unwind, bask in the outdoors, and bid farewell to her old, dilapidated shed—a repository for forgotten belongings. Enter our Maidstone Display Village manager, ready to provide a solution.

Lucie opted for the 4 x 3m Vancouver Special with the Diamond Package, a gem from our popular Vancouver Range. She wisely chose an additional double window, bringing the total to four: two at the front, one on the side, and another at the rear of the building.

“This was ideal,” Lucie explained. The sun’s graceful arc across her garden ensures excellent lighting from morning to early evening. The full-length double glazed panels and doors at the front amplify this natural illumination.

Despite her retirement, Lucie remains busy babysitting her grandchildren. She relishes moments at home and in her garden. “Currently,” she shares, “I use the extra space for coffee mornings with friends. They’re all envious of my new Garden Room. I escape there to read or simply soak up the sunshine. And when the grandchildren are older, it’ll serve as a mini annex for their sleepovers.”

The Vancouver boasts roof and floor insulation, complete with acoustic underlay and sturdy 45mm timber walls. “Keeps my room nice and warm,” Lucie attests. “Spending time in the garden is now an absolute pleasure, thanks to this remarkable building.”

Painted in an attractive olive green hue from our preservative paint range, Lucie’s Vancouver harmonises beautifully with her picturesque surroundings. Our diligent electricians installed a mini consumer unit and an armored cable, ensuring Lucie can enjoy all the comforts of home from her Johnsons Garden Building.