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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions in regards to a Johnsons Garden Building? We hope to answer as many as we can for you here, with our extensive FAQ archive. If we don’t have an answer to your question, try our online chat. If an advisor isn’t available, then leave a message and we will endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible.

Installation & Construction


Do you need planning permission?

The majority of our garden rooms fall within permitted development, due to them being under 4 metres in height and having under 30m2 of internal space – although, if a cabin is over 2.5 metres in height, you will be required to leave adequate space between you and any neighbouring boundaries. However, one of our experts will be able to advise you suitably during your free home site survey.

Is construction included in the price?

Yes, all our packages include full construction. This is undertaken by our specialist installation teams who are all fully trained and employed by Johnsons. We DO NOT use any sub-contractors for this element of the process.

Do you use subcontractors for your installations?

No, we do not. To ensure the highest quality of your installation and longevity of your cabin, all our buildings are installed by our very own Johnsons trained staff.

How long does it take to build the garden room?

This is dependent on your garden room selection but the majority of our garden rooms can be installed within 2 days.

Do you supply basework? And if so what basework do you use?

We do. Our chosen method is called a ‘Structural Timber Base’. This entails a post and beam method, where we concrete posts into the ground and lay beams across. This is a lot more cost-effective (and better for the environment) than a full concrete base. This method also allows for good ventilation under the cabin to prevent rotting or decay and elevates you slightly to ensure that no damage from groundwater can be done.

How far away from the boundary do they need to be?

Aside from any regulatory considerations regarding the overall height in relation to boundaries (as detailed in the earlier FAQ about planning permission), you will need to treat your timber throughout its life, so we would always recommend leaving an adequate gap for maintenance access.

Do you check the site prior to installation?

We offer a free site visit to all potential customers throughout the UK, giving you the opportunity to discuss all of your cabin requirements, options, as well as any other questions you might have.

One of our experienced team members will measure your garden, assess ground levels, check access and confirm the best position for your brand new garden room.

We take pride in making sure we supply you with the perfect building that meets your every need, and we feel that this process is an essential part of doing so.

Garden Room Specific


How long do your buildings last?

Our cabins are of the very best quality and are built to last. To ensure your cabin has a long life span it is imperative to treat your timber regularly (every 3-5 years) with suitable paint preservative.

Further guidance can be provided upon request.

What is the thickness of your timber?

All our buildings are constructed with 45mm timber. We are also able to provide a twin-skin insulated wall option on selected cabins.

What timber do you use?

Here at Johnsons we use kiln-dried spruce timber. All of our timber is sourced from sustainable forests in countries with colder climates, so the wood is closer-grained and heavier, avoiding the more open-grained wood that has a greater tendency to twist or warp.

What warranty do you provide?

We offer a comprehensive 1-year structural warranty on the timber building and a 5-year warranty on our structural timber bases.

However, once you are a Johnsons customer you are always a Johnsons customer and are team are here to support you regardless of the age of your building.

How many different models of garden rooms do you have?

We have over 30 different models in varying sizes, equating to more than 140 different variants of garden rooms. We are also able to provide bespoke garden rooms built to your every need. For a quote on a bespoke room call our dedicated sales team on 01634 566 005.

Does each garden room come in different sizes?

Not all garden rooms come in different sizes, but the vast majority do. Please refer to our garden room profiles or your brochure for more information on room sizes. We do however offer bespoke garden rooms that are made to measure, for more information contact your nearest branch.

What are the thicknesses of your floorboards & roofboards?

All our buildings are constructed with floorboards that are 28mm tongue and groove with 19mm roof boards. All of our buildings include floorboards within the price.

Are all your garden rooms double-glazed?

Yes, all our garden rooms come supplied with 24mm ’tilt and turn’ opening inwards double glazed units as standard.

How durable are the felt shingles?

The felt shingles we use are heavily adhesive and are stapled down for further durability. Seldom do we have any reported problems concerning our felt shingles.

Can we pick the colour of our building?

Yes, we offer a variety of colours of specialised treatment paint. Please note: supply of preservative paint does not include application.

Can you put a hot-tub in one?

You can indeed, we would advise heavy ventilation and treating the inside of the cabin. Upon request and according to specification, we can also advise on the best type of base-work to use.

Do the felt shingles come in a choice of colours?

Yes, the felt shingles come in a choice of three popular colours: green, red or charcoal grey.

Can the buildings be used all year round?

Most definitely, with all our buildings being constructed of 45mm thick timber, 24mm double glazing, plus the additions of roof and floor insulation options, our buildings can certainly be utilised all year round.

Are the measurements internal or external?

The measurements are all external and dimensions are taken from the full length of timber, end to end. These measurements do not take into account any overhang there might be, dependent on your chosen building. For example, if a cabin is listed as 4m x 3m and has an overhang of 0.5m its birds-eye measurements would be 4.5m x 3m. Overhangs are stated on all cabin profiles where applicable and we can provide drawings upon request.

Can I heat my garden room?

Yes, you can. You can choose to control the temperature of your garden room with one of our climate control units. This will provide a great source of warmth in the winter months and ice-cold air for cooling in the summer. All units are professionally installed by qualified electricians and aircon engineers and each model is timer and thermostat controlled.

We also provide a range of infrared, flat panel heaters. Please speak to one of our sales advisors for more information on all heating and cooling options.



Why do we sell in packages?

We do this to allow customers to know exactly what they are purchasing at a glance with no hidden surprises.

Can I build my own bespoke package?

We have four different packages which have been carefully constructed to provide a range of choice. However, these can be modified upon request – for example, you can purchase a ‘Gold Package’ and add roof insulation. These modifications can easily be arranged by visiting one of our display villages or speaking to a sales representative.

Do we get electrics with our garden room?

If you were to choose our ‘Diamond Package’ then, yes, the room will be supplied with electrics to complement the size of your chosen building. Electrics can be added to any other package if requested. To find out more information on our electrical packages click here.

Are your buildings insulated?

We offer floor and roof insulation as part of our packages, which is brilliant for all year round use of your cabin. We are also able to offer wall insulation if you choose a twin-skin cabin.

Do the garden rooms come with laminate flooring included?

Our ‘Platinum’ and ‘Diamond’ packages include laminate flooring as standard. We offer as standard a honey-oak coloured finish, or you can upgrade to our superior grey coloured laminate.

What paint treatment do you provide?

We provide every customer with a base coat and top coat of specially mixed paint that comes in a variety of colours to suit your taste.

Bespoke Options


Can you provide a garden room specific to ourselves?

Yes, we can offer a bespoke garden room design service. Let one of our sales team help you utilise your space and design your very own unique building. You can choose the size, where the doors and windows are positioned along with any internal walls and internal door openings you may wish to include.

Can we add windows or doors to the original design?

Yes, this is certainly possible, please contact a sales representative to find out more information.

Can we adjust the roof height?

On a lot of our cabin models we are able to adjust the roof height but not all. Please contact one of our sales team to find out more information.

Optional Extras


Can you provide climate control units?

Yes, we offer either 2.5kw or 3.5kw climate control units (depending on the size of your cabin). These are supplied and professionally fitted by our own electricians.

Are you able to add verandas to your garden room?

Yes, a veranda can be added to any model upon request.

Can you provide decking, ropes and posts?

Yes, we offer a full range of timber and composite decking, as well as posts and ropes or a range of balustrade options for composite decking. All of these options are available as standalone options, as well as with our garden rooms. Please contact our sales team and ask for a quote.



Do we have to pay a deposit?

Yes, we take a 50% deposit. The remaining balance would then need to be paid prior to your installation date.

Do your prices include VAT?

Yes, all our cabin prices are inclusive of VAT.

Can I buy your garden rooms online?

Yes, we have recently implemented an online shop to our website.